Check In & Check Out

Thank you for booking to stay at your vacation home, Carlsbad beach Condo.

I often field inquiries about check in and check out times, and the answer is always that I like to be flexible and accommodating when it is possible.  This depends on the calendar, the season and who is vacating.  In the case where the day before or after is open, that leaves a lot more choice.  I always appreciate the questions, and where possible I offer accommodation.


When a family leaves at 10am before you check in, there is just no way to predict in advance how the home will look when housekeeping arrives.  Sometimes the home is a mess, with beach sand everywhere and a messy frat room kitchen.  Other times the home is so clean; housekeeping calls me to confirm if someone even stayed there.  Sometimes the home looks untouched.


No matter the case, 4 bedrooms of laundry, towels, beach towels, a big kitchen and 3 bathrooms just takes time to prepare for the next guest to walk into a lovely prepared clean home.  This is vastly more of a task than turning over a hotel room.  Covid precautions are additive.


A dynamic that always works, is that you are always welcome to stop in to drop off bags and head to the beach across the street.  Or walk downtown and start interacting with the local community.  Check in with housekeeping, Rocio, and let her you know you want to set some bags in the garage.  Even drop a few things in the refrigerator.  She will get your number and text you when the house is all clean and housekeeping leaves you the home to enjoy.


Please grab some beach chairs and wander across the street with your family.


I do ask that you consider and respect the dynamic of the housekeeping staff however.  If you move in and watch them clean up, tapping your foot, with 5 kids running around screaming it is very stressful on them.  The ladies that take care of the home are keenly proud of the compliments they regularly garner on the condition of the home.  They fastidiously go through it top to bottom.  If you do arrive hours early and move in, its just impossible to complete their job according to their standards.


If the home is prepared early, you are welcome to it early.


Thane   (760) 613 -9336

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