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a. enter 10 digit code provided.
b. turn handle and open door.




a. Beach sand is the killer of everything. Equipment, fun, comfort. Please try to keep the sand outside.
b. I have a basket at the front door and the garage door to slip your shoes into. That helps a lot with the reduction of sand into your home.
c. I have a hose at the corner of the garage, a good rinse of the feet, boogie boards, ice chests, helps a lot. Wash all the sand off before coming inside.
d. I have a row of hooks in the garage for used beach towels. Also a hamper for used beach towels. Please don’t throw these in the washing machine. I prefer that you leave them for us in the hamper.
e. Please, any sandy clothing, towels, shoes, shake them, rinse with hose, get them free of sand before bringing them into the house.
f. I have a battery powered portable vacuum. This is great for quick clean ups of sand that might get tracked in. The sooner you clean it up, the less distributed it becomes. It is always nice to avoid distributing the sand into your sheets!




    1. Most of the blinds are simple up down by hand. Many of these have a diffuser, a darkener, and open position.
    2. The blinds with the long wand attached, work like these photos.
shade instructions


    1. There are two large dumpsters as well as recycling bins. These are in the containment to the north of shed in the center of the parking lot.
    2. Each trash can has extra liners in the bottom of the can, and if you need more, they are in the kitchen cabinets.

5. Filtered Water

      1. If you open the refrigerator, there is a water bottle/glass filling station inside.
water bottle filler


    1. Each bedroom will have fresh bed linens and towels for you. There will be an extra set in the guest bath as well.
      1. There are extra pillows, and blankets in each closet.
    2. In the 4th bedroom, the two beds are convertible beds. If there are only two people, commonly guests enjoy leaving the blue bed made down and corner sectional a seating area. There are spill proof covers ( please use those), blankets, and extra pillows under the sectional here. Just lift from the very end.
    1. To make the sectional into a bed, simple tug out on the two loops highlighted in green.
bedroom 4 sleeper

7. Toys

    1. I have a pile of beach goodies, a sand wagon, a few boogie boards, some sand toys, beach chairs and an umbrella. This inventory can change at any moment because of guest use. These are things that get lost occasionally, and most of the time a guest will replace something that they lose or break. If I notice something is missing or worn out I replace it. In general you should expect these things and a lot of beach towels to be available to you.
    1. Also the wicker table in bedroom 4 shown in the photo from section 6 is full of board games, cards and other entertainment. Again the stock comes and goes a bit as guests use them, but feel free to take stock and put these to use.


    1. This would seem to fall into the category of common sense, you might agree that common sense, is actually not very common at all.
    2. When you have wet swimsuits, wetsuits, blankets, towels, please change clothes and only sit on the chairs, barstools, and benches with dry clothing.

9. Televisions

    1. Both of the TV’s in the home are Samsung, and as such there are no cable boxes or anything but the TV to interact with.
    2. Guests often re-arrange the icons and move things around so I can’t tell you exactly what the screen will look like but this should get you started.
    3. Installed are several apps that are logged in and ready to use.
      1. In general I use Spectrum for all the cable channels, sports, news broadcast. I subscribe to their big content package, you should be able to find A LOT.
      2. NETFLIX, AMAZON, internet, YouTube are all installed and available to you.
      3. Look for the content bar, or look under apps.
    4. There are many apps and guest sign in and out. The ones above I have subscriptions that are active in the home.
    5. In general the remotes do not swap well. The white one goes downstairs, the black one is upstairs. You should find them in the proper room at check in.

10. Sleep number bed.

    1. In the master the bed is a sleep number matress. Most people like something around the 50’s to start with.
    2. Use the remote and choose left or right, then arrow up or down to set the firmness. HERE IS THE TRICK, press enter to accept the new number.

11. Garage Remotes

    1. I have two programmed remotes for the garage hanging on the key rack.
    2. These constantly get driven home by mistake.
    3. Try to remember to leave them for me at check out, or send them back to
      1. 3728 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad CA 92008




    1. If you have comments for additional items, improvements, anything please email me.
    2. rental@carlsbadbeachcondo.com




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